I am Loukas Charalambous. Ui/Ux Designer

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Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.
Paul Rand


ReFashionized, born from my UI design expertise, seamlessly blends meticulous research, innovative wireframing, and brand adherence. Through exhaustive analysis and careful crafting, I ensured intuitive navigation and engaging experiences. Each screen reflects the brand’s identity, showcasing my dedication to visually captivating and user-friendly interfaces, setting new standards in fashion apps.


Latest Projects

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MEZE Ellesmere

ReFashionized, the culmination of my expertise in UI design, embodies a seamless fusion of meticulous research, innovative wireframing, and adherence to branding guidelines.

Through exhaustive analysis of common apps and user preferences, I meticulously crafted each element, ensuring intuitive navigation and engaging user experiences. From conceptualization to execution, I delved deep into the essence of the brand, infusing each screen with its unique identity. With a keen 

Dracos & Efthymiou LLC

I crafted a sleek and user-friendly UI for a law office, prioritizing efficiency and ease of use. With intuitive navigation and streamlined search capabilities, legal professionals can swiftly access case files and legal resources. Customizable dashboards offer quick insights into deadlines, client communications, and billing, enhancing productivity and workflow management.

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Paula Robinson
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Paula Robinson
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Alice Miles
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Matthew Johnson

I’m most valuable on projects that have an overlap of product/brand strategy , experience design and visual design.

Product/Brand Strategy

What? Who? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? How? I’ll help you ask the right questions.

Experience Design

Let’s wear someone else’s shoes for a while and make them as comfortable as possible.

Visual Design

Using only colors, shapes, typography, and photographs … VOILA! Real human emotions!

In my approach to crafting impactful brand experiences, I diligently adhere to the principles of brand strategy, experience design, and visual design. With a keen understanding of the brand’s essence and objectives, I meticulously develop strategies that align with its core values and resonate with its target audience. Through empathetic exploration of user journeys and interactions, I strive to create seamless and engaging experiences that leave a lasting impression. Moreover, I leverage the power of visual design to translate the brand’s identity into captivating visuals, employing elements such as typography, color, and imagery to evoke emotion and enhance recognition. By integrating these three pillars seamlessly, I ensure that every aspect of the brand experience is purposeful, cohesive, and memorable.

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